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Coach Scott and Coach Jess

Coach Scott and Coach Jess successfully completed the USSF Level D coaching certification.


Congratulations to our Nationally Ranked Teams in 5v5!

Hammers-2009 Boys  National Champions!

Express-2010 Girls 3rd Place

More Than Meets the Eye

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  If you are interested in the program and would like to request a private tryout, please email

Spring Tryouts will be held 5/7 and 5/8. To register for tryouts click HERE.


Susquehanna Football Club

How are players evaluated at tryouts?


  • Successfully complete short- and long-range passes

  • Includes passes in air, on ground, heading, chipping, crosses

  • Appropriate weight/style of the pass

  • Includes one touch passing


  • Includes close control and speed dribbling

  • Ability to add body feints, bursts, change of direction

  • Quick feet, comfortable feet, eyes up, field awareness

Ball Control:

  • Control a ball played; good touch, into space with purpose, at game speed

  • Strength on the ball; shielding 

  • Ability to move with ball and be deceptive and in control


  • Awareness around the goal; decision making

  • Correct techniques; driving, heading, volleys, placing

  • Ability to finish with other body parts

  • Pace, aggressiveness, back of net

Cleats on Soccer Ball



  • Anticipation, execution, reading field with and without possession

  • Body position; facing forward, defensive roles, recovering

  • Decision making to tackle, to intercept

  • First defender decisions; jockey, angle, positioning


  • Anticipation, execution, reading field with and without possession

  • Body position without ball; runs, spacing, close support, reading combinations

  • Movement with possession; switching fields, moving into space, playing long ball, combinations

Physical Skills

Speed: Accelerate quickly straight ahead and decelerate quickly

Agility: Change directions quickly, get off ground quickly, get in air quickly

Endurance: Intense consistent level of play for long period of time

Strength: Ability to win the ball physically


Coachable: Attentive, receptive, and willing

Leadership: Positive influence, hard workers, self-controlled, composes, respectful

Aggressiveness: Negative/Positive attitude, unfair/fair behavior, composed/out of control reactions, works hard,    takes  risks, assertive

Self-Confidence: Secure in their ability, stay willing to learn and succeed 

Mental Toughness: Persistence, try hard, don’t give up, committed

Soccer Goal Shot

Our Philosophy

The key elements of the Susquehanna Football Club experience is developing individual and team skills in all players in a fun, family environment that builds character, competence and confidence.

The Susquehanna Football Club adopts P.R.I.D.E. as the values that define its philosophy:

Positive Attitude, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence

In order to uphold the P.R.I.D.E. and promote a high level of community spirit, Susquehanna FC adopts the following Code of Conduct for all players, parents/guardians, and coaches.

Soccer Match

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Upcoming Events

  • Spring Season begins 3/24

  • Tryouts 5/7 5/8

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