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2024/25 Tryouts

Interested in trying out for SFC?  We will be holding tryouts for the 2024/25 season on May 7th and 8th from 6:30-8:30pm at Perryville High School Stadium.

How are players evaluated?


  • Successfully complete short- and long-range passes

  • Includes passes in air, on ground, heading, chipping, crosses

  • Appropriate weight/style of the pass

  • Includes one touch passing


  • Includes close control and speed dribbling

  • Ability to add body feints, bursts, change of direction

  • Quick feet, comfortable feet, eyes up, field awareness

Ball Control:

  • Control a ball played; good touch, into space with purpose, at game speed

  • Strength on the ball; shielding 

  • Ability to move with ball and be deceptive and in control


  • Awareness around the goal; decision making

  • Correct techniques; driving, heading, volleys, placing

  • Ability to finish with other body parts

  • Pace, aggressiveness, back of net

  • Awareness

  • Defensive:

  • Anticipation, execution, reading field with and without possession

  • Body position; facing forward, defensive roles, recovering

  • Decision making to tackle, to intercept

  • First defender decisions; jockey, angle, positioning

  • Offensive:

  • Anticipation, execution, reading field with and without possession

  • Body position without ball; runs, spacing, close support, reading combinations

  • Movement with possession; switching fields, moving into space, playing long ball, combinations

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